Amelia Whalen is a lifelong learner, ever-curious about deepening connection to our life and death experience. She aims to face both living and dying with an open heart. She is certified as an end-of-life doula by the Peaceful Presence Project and is NEDA Proficient.

Amelia has always lived close to death from losing her mother at age 7, her own near-death experience at 18, and her husband’s long illness and death in her 30s. Amelia works to ease the fear and uneasiness around death and grief, and has found that witnessing death and dying can be enriching and profound.

As a death doula, she recognizes the spiritual and emotional burdens that may come when facing aging, illness, dying, and death. Amelia gives support with understanding options for care and end-of-life planning.

She offers a steady presence as a witness and guide to the dying. She’s available to assist in getting affairs in order, accomplishing day-to-day tasks, creating legacy work, creating sacred space and ceremony, and help in planning for body disposition and after-death wishes.

Amelia offers workshops inviting her community to approach death and dying with an inspired perspective and advocates for death literacy and open dialog around end-of-life options.